How to Apply for R350 Grant on WhatsApp

How to Apply for R350 Grant on WhatsApp

How to Apply for R350 Grant on WhatsApp

The Sassa R350 Grant has been introduced in 2020 by the South African President to assist citizens affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Africa. It is disbursed by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) on a monthly basis and can be collected in various ways.

How helpful is this grant?

When asked the site users “How did this grant helped you? The following were some of the responses they gave:

Yvonne said “It has helped me to start a business by selling ice cream, lollipops, zimbas and icy at home. She further added. “At least I have something helping to generate money.”

How to Apply for R350 grant?

You may apply for the R350 grant on several channels including the SRD website, GovChat messenger platform, USSD and WhatsApp.

How to Apply for R350 Grant on WhatsApp [Step by Step]

The following are steps to follow in order to apply for R350 grant on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Save this number on your phone, (+27) 082 046 8553

Step 2: Send the word “Sassa” via WhatsApp to the number you just saved. You will receive a welcome message with 4 options to choose from for your next reply.

Step 3: Reply with the word “SRD” on the message received.

Step 4: The next message will ask you if you are applying for yourself or for someone else. Reply with either 1 or 2 as per what is applicable to you.

Step 5: Reply the next message with your full names.

Step 6: Reply with your surname.

Step 7: Now, you will receive a message with a link where you have to click it and read the terms and conditions. After reading the terms and conditions, go back to WhatsApp and continue with the application. You have to reply with “Yes” to accept the terms and conditions.

Step 8: You will now be required to reply with your home address residential address or drop a pin location on your WhatsApp if you are at your home.

Step 9: Select whether you are a SA Citizen, Permanent resident or a Refugee by replying with an appropriate option applicable to you.

Step 10: You will get another message with a reference number, a onetime pin (OTP) and a link. Click that link within 2 hours and complete your application either on GovChat or the SRD website.

Those are the steps you need to follow in order to apply for R350 grant on WhatsApp.

Learn more on other application processes.

Grant extension

The R350 grant has been recently extended for another 12 months. You may be asking yourself what’s next? do I have to reapply for the R350 grant? The answer is no. If you have already been approved for the current R350 grant, you do not have to reapply. Only those who have not yet applied can apply. Also those whom their applications have been rejected can reapply or apply for reconsideration that is to make an appeal.

Question time

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23 Comments to “How to Apply for R350 Grant on WhatsApp”

  1. I am now 3 months successful with the grant but never got a cent the moneys must go to my tymevank account but it’s still not in help me pls don’t know what’s going on advice pls

  2. Been trying from from the beginning to apply for the 350 with details supplied by sassa but I can’t seem to get through. Sassa gave a cell number for wats app but the number e has no wats app. What bullshit is this. Employed people collect the R350 grant and the unemployed has issues. Vuga sassa. It’s not ur money. It’s ours. Please read ur comments and reply. U r just stressing the distressed

  3. From last Augustus I did not receive any money. I dont have work and get a disbilit grant but have to re apply. I didnt receive my 350 since last year up until now

  4. It is helpful, and it’s helping a lot… WE THANK YOU

  5. Since I apply 2021 August, it keeps on saying I have income, while I’m not working since 2015 may, I try to reinstate still the same pending, I call the toll-free no I was told by March they will start looking at all the complaint I’m still waiting

  6. goodday I have re applies for the grant.As I’m no longer working.But they keep declining my application stating UIF registerred.please help.

      1. From last Augustus I did not receive any money. I dont have work and get a disbilit grant but have to re apply. I didnt receive my 350 since last year up until now

    1. Same with me

  7. I have applied for the srd but it keeps on declining because it says I have an income that I am receiving but I don’t even have a job…Been appealing but it kept on declining..What can I do?

  8. Hi i can’t apply for R350 grant course i lost my phone and they gave someone mu number when i apply with my new number it can’t gi through course i applied the child grant with the old one. I went to sassa office for assistance they were not able to help me… Please help me.

    1. Hi ? I have applied for SRD grant on 22-09-2021 and got a replied message to say my application is now active, but I did not even receive any payment since then, what must i do?

  9. Mine still pending since last year and I need that R350

  10. Hi, I’ve apply for R350 grant it says is active what does that mean please help

    1. If you gave them your bank account detail you must wait till money is in account

  11. Can’t access my account

  12. Is sassa wepside still working.

  13. Good day
    I apply for my brother. First it said pending and now it show declined. He don’t work.
    What should we do. On whatsapp it said there’s already an application for his ID. Should he apply again or what should he do please. Thank you.

  14. I have applied via WhatsApp but they say decline. But no reason

  15. Sassa money very helpful

  16. Hi applying for R350 covid grant

  17. Can one get this extra sassa 350nif one gets a disibilty grant already

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