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How do I Check my Application ID for Sassa | R370 Grant

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Here is the solution for How do I Check my Application ID for Sassa for R370 SRD Grant in 2024. Your Sassa ID is like your grant Reference number for your application. You can use this when making inquiries with Sassa and to track your R370 grant progress.

Have you Forgot Your Sassa Application ID?

No worries, on this article we will show you how to do a Sassa ID check using your device at home.

Tell Me Now: How do I Check my Application ID for Sassa

These are the steps to follow to do a Sassa application ID check:

Step 1: Go to the SASSA official website via the link:
Step 2: Punch in your South African ID number and phone number in the provided spaces.
Step 3: Tap on the “submit” button.

Now, your SASSA reference number will be displayed on the screen at the top with your other application details.

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