Sassa Child Grant Increase 2023

How Much is Sassa Child Grant this Month

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Wondering how much is Sassa Child Grant this month? Here is the breakdown for Sassa Child Support Grant this month.

The South African Social Security Agency

This grant is administered by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) which is an agency under the Department of Social Development.

The Children’s grant and other social grants have increase as at 1 October 2023. The increase came to effect from the first day of October and will continue to be so until the next increment by the Finance Minister of the Republic of South Africa.

How Much Was Child Grant Before October 2023

The amount of this grant was R500 which came to effect after the first budget speech delivery earlier this year by the Finance Minister. It was also scheduled for increase in October this year.

Is it True that Child Grant Increased?

Child grant has increases on the first of October, however the amount has not changed again in November.

How Much is Child Grant this Month

The Children’s grant amount for this month is R510. This amount started to be implemented from October 2023 and will continue as such until the next increase by the Minister of Finance of the republic.

Sassa Ghild Grant Dates for November 2023

Child Support Grant payment date for November 2023 will be 06 November 2023. You can start collecting your money for the dates specified above.

How Can I collect this Grant?

You can collect your grant at Post Office, ATMs, Retailers or Pay Points around the country. You may also get your money directly into your bank account if you have been approved to collect via your account. You have to go to your local Sassa branch in order to complete forms to apply to get your grant via bank account. See more here.

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