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New Ways to Apply for NSFAS for 2024

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In his recent address at the launch of 2024 NSFAS application launch, the Minister of Higher Education also touched on new ways to apply for NSFAS using mobile devices.

NSFAS Launches Mobile Application

Nzimande commended NSFAS on the launch of a mobile application for 2024 applications. They believe the launch of the mobile application will make it easier for students to apply for funding.

The NSFAS application will be available for iPhone operating systems (iOS), Android, and HUAWEI devices. The NSFAS mobile app will include biometric capabilities to be rolled out later in the year.

NSFAS Mobile App

I am also pleased to announce that NSFAS has a mobile app that can be downloaded on IOS, Android and Huawei to allow students to apply seamlessly. Congratulations to NSFAS for introducing this modern technology innovation which will make it easy for students to apply for NSFAS funding.

The minister has called on NSFAS to improve the operations of the NSFAS call centre. This is as they continue to receive complaints from students who are struggling to get help. 

The other area that I have directed NSFAS to look at is the improvement of the call- centre. I am expecting these improvements before the beginning of the academic year.

NSFAS Funding

Currently, NSFAS is funding over one million students at public universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training  (TVET) Colleges. Students registered in approved courses at public institutions can apply for NSFAS. 

Financial Eligibility

The financial eligibility requirements will remain the same for 2024. This means that applicants may not have a household income exceeding R350,000, while disabled students may not have a household income exceeding R600,000.

Approved Students

If students are approved for NSFAS funding, NSFAS will pay their tuition and registration fees. In addition to this, NSFAS will provide students with several allowances to cover costs associated with studying. 

Watch Minister at the Launch of 2024 NSFAS Applications

In Conclusion

Those are the lates NSFAS news relating to new ways to apply for NSFAS for 2024 academic year.