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What is a Bank Better Champion and How to Apply for Capitec Vacancies

Capitec Bank is one of the employers on the lookout for new employees. One of the popular positions at Capitec Bank is a Bank Better Champion. Do you perhaps ask yourself “what is a Bank Better Champion?” What about the requirements for you to become a Bank Better Champion? Let us clarify a few things and let you know how to apply for Capitec Vacancies.

Capitec Bank would say “We are on the lookout for energetic, self-motivated individuals” who would like to work for the innovative bank. That’s how they start on their Bank Better Champion adverts.

Who are the Bank Better Champions?

These are people who will among other things welcome clients at the bank, assists those clients at Capitec Bank ATMs and do so much more to make sure the activities of the bank runs smoothly.

Have you ever waited on the Capitec Bank ATM and see people on the bank uniform assisting people on the Automatic Teller Machines? Those are some of the people who work as bank better champions.

What are their roles?

Assisting people on ATMs is one of their roles. Some of the roles include welcoming clients to the bank. Those that ask you what you are at the bank for and assist you by giving you a queue ticket.

How to apply for Capitec Bank Vacancies?

The following are the steps to follow when applying for jobs at Capitec Bank:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Just click on “Search” without typing anything.

Step 3: Advertised jobs will be displayed on your screed.

Step 4: Click on the Job you want to apply for.

Step 5: View the details of the position.

Step 6: Click on the orange “Apply” button.

Step 7: Login or Create an account

Follow the remaining steps as instructed and submit your application.


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