What to Do When You Get Matric Results in 2024

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This article will answer the question: What to do when you get matric results in 2024. There are several options you can consider when you get your matric results in 2024.

Let’s Get to the Issue Now

Depending on the level of your marks or the weight of your results, here are some of the things you can do with your matric results:

Submit the Results to the Tertiary Institutions 

If you have applied for admission to any tertiary institution in 2023, your application may be in a pending mode waiting for your grade 12 results. Immediately, when you receive your grade 12 results, upload them to the institution’s student portal to finalise your application for admission.

Submit them to the Bursary Institutions 

You may have also applied for bursaries for the next academic year (2024) and the only thing that is left to be received by the bursary institution is your final examination results. After receiving your statement of results or senior certificate results, send them to the relevant bursary institutions where you have made an application for assistance.

You may also apply to other companies that you have not applied to before. Bursary institutions such as NSFAS and Funza Lushaka may not have closed yet by then. You would still have an opportunity to apply for funding for your studies. So, search on this site for bursaries open for 2024.

Apply for Available Learnerships 

Learnerships are a great way to get workplace skills or training while getting paid at the same time. They are programmes aimed at providing skills and training to those who have never been into the work force before. Take advantage of such programmes and send your applications. You may also find available learnerships here.

Apply for job opportunities

So many companies and government departments may be looking for people with grade 12 for employment. Your matric certificate could be your passport to start a new job and change your life for the better. Dig around and see if you won’t find jobs for people with grade 12 or not. We can only hope for the best for you.

As we Close it Off

In this post we covered the topic: what to do when you get matric results in 2024. Some of the options we mentioned were:

  • Submit results to tertiary institutions
  • Submit them to bursary institutions
  • Apply for learnerships
  • Apply for job opportunities

We hope that we covered and answered some of the questions you had relating to your matric qualification.

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