Matric Results Release Date for 2023

Grade 12: When is the Matric Results Coming out 2024


This article will answer the question: When is the Matric results coming out 2024

The class of 2023 wrote their final examinations from 30 October 2023 and are scheduled to end on 6 December 2023. If you are one of the learners who wrote grade 12 in 2023, you may now be asking yourself when results are released for 2023?

Curious about: When are 2023 Matric results released?

​This question of when are matric results released 2023 could also be on the minds of the parents, the teachers and the siblings of those who wrote matric examinations for this year. They may be wondering about this question in curiosity and also want to plan ahead. It may also be that some of the matriculants are waiting for the results to be submitted for bursary considerations.

When are The Matric Results Ending?

The Department of Basic Education indicated that the matric examinations will conclude on 6 December 2023.

Grade 12 : When are Matric Results Released for 2023

When is the matric results coming out 2024? Matric results for 2023 will be announced on 18 January 2024. The results will be released to candidates on 19 January 2024. 

IEB Matric Results 2024 Release Date

The IEB matric results for 2023 will be released on 18 January 2024.

What to do When You Get Your Matric Results?

There are several things that you could do with your matric results. Some of them are as follows:

  • Submit the results to the tertiary institutions where you have applied to to study in 2024.
  • Submit them to the bursary institutions that you have applied for financial assistance
  • Apply for learnerships when they are available
  • Apply for job opportunities for people with matric whenever they become available.

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